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Cinnabar Arctique, CGC, UWPCH, S-BTA
Red Alaskan Malamute with Full Mask, Star, Necklace
28.5" at the shoulder, 112 lbs (7 years old)
born March 6, 2005

Cinnabar with his 3 ribbons at AMCA Nationals in Gettysburg
above photo by Moses Martin


CGC - Canine Good Citizen (AKC)
UWP - United Weight Puller (UKC)
UWPCH - United Weight Pull Champion (UKC)
WWPDX - 5 of 5 legs (AMCA) earned
Working Dog Superior Wheels - IWPA
Working Dog Snow - IWPA
S-BTA - Select Beginner Trigility Award (DOCNA)
Title Progress

S-BSA - 2 of 3 legs (DOCNA)

IWPA Regional Gold Medal Winner Wheels 2008-2009 125lb class
IWPA Regional Gold Medal Winner Wheels 2009-2010 125lb class
IWPA Regional Bronze Medal Winner Snow 2009-2010 125lb class
IWPA National Bronze Medal Winner Wheels 2009-2010 125lb class
IWPA National Silver Medal Winner Snow 2009-2010 125lb class
IWPA Regional Bronze Medal Winner Wheels 2010-2011 125lb class
IWPA Regional Silver Medal Winner Snow 2010-2011 125lb class
IWPA Regional Bronze Medal Winner Wheels 2011-2012 125lb class
IWPA Regional Gold Medal Winner Snow 2011-2012 125lb class
IWPA Regional Silver Medal Winner Wheels 2012-2013 125lb class
IWPA Regional Gold Medal Winner Snow 2012-2013 125lb class
IWPA Regional Silver Medal Winner Wheels 2013-2014 125lb class
IWPA Regional Gold Medal Winner Snow 2013-2014 125lb class
IWPA National Bronze Medal Winner Snow 2013-2014 125lb class

My initial description of Cinnabar at 2 months old was:
He's mellow, curious & sweet, and not intimidated by big brother Sebastian!

That's all still true at 2 years old, but he is deferential to Sebastian. Guess I would be too, the big guy's still got a size advantage.

What emerged quickly with Cinnabar, is that he's "street smart", and a master thief. If big brother is chewing on something he wants (and it doesn't matter if there are two identical rawhides, bones or toys - they both want the same one), he will pull every "favorite" toy out of the toy box with which to tempt Sebastian. Initially, it worked very well. Sebastian went to grab the toy and Cinnabar ran away with the rawhide under the kitchen table where he used to fit and Sebastian didn't.

Cinnabar - patient boy sees his chance - June 2005
patient boy sees his chance

Cinnabar has to work quite a bit harder to get what he wants from Sebastian now. The incredible thing to me, is that he's got the patience, focus and cunning to do it. Doesn't matter if it takes an hour, he does end up with it.

He wakes up happy and is just incredibly sweet. I also call him my flower-child, so laid back. When we've been to the vet for his puppy visits, nothing bothers him. Just gnaws on his greenie the whole time, or looks up at the doc as if to say, "hey dude, what's up?" True as a puppy, true as an adult.

Major potty training was complete at about 4 months old. He hasn't learned to ring the bells to go out, but there's no missing his frantic dance letting you know to "open up the door already!" As a 3 year old, he still doesn't ring the bells, but he does have a great "in your face" look, to let me know the urgent issue :)

Cinnabar is quite accomplished with sit/stay and down/stay and is a Basic Obedience Graduate. We're working on getting him comfortable in public places like the pet store, etc. We're also doing it with elder brother along, which makes all those potentially scarey things bearable. He's progressing rapidly, making people fall in love with him whereever we go. "This one is SO sweet" is what we always hear. By 2 years old, he's very comfortable in public places, and we still hear about how sweet he is.

Cinnabar - perfect down/stay - July 2005
perfect down/stay

Cinnabar wants to please, in fact he's quite the suck-up. Which makes me think that training will be a breeze by comparison to Sebastian. But, then again, this one is patient and cunning, so I don't think I'll turn my back on him! He still "aims to please". He adores his momma. By 3 years old, training is still a breeze by comparison to Sebastian. He's focused, driven to please, and a very hard worker both in Agility and Weight Pull.

Like his brother, he is a water dog. Just adores the wading pool. He has a routine where he splash runs the perimeter of the pool scooping up drinks the whole time. Doesn't want to drink straight from the hose like elder brother, but does like running under the spray.

Cinnabar - pool perimeter run splash drink - July 2005
pool perimeter run splash drink

My blessings continue, because he's also a mud dog. Nothing like a good dig in the mud to make a boy feel good, evidently. Fortunately, he's good about getting into the wading pool and splashing around and then coming in.

Cinnabar is cat friendly to my indoor cats. Outdoor strays are a very different and tragic story, which means when my last elderly kittie is gone, there will be no more :(

Don't know yet if he will be a howler or a woo-wooer. He's very talky when he and Sebastian are playing, with the yip/bark thrown in along with growls for good measure. The 2 of them can go on talking for a good 15 minutes, and it's a riot to listen to. He rarely barks, but occasionally "woofs", almost audibly, when he discerns something is amiss. Not at all like his very loud mouth brother. By 2 years old, he found his voice. I still don't hear him often, but at least he's not silent. He now woofs and woos at other dogs when we're out and about.

Cinnabar - wrestling with Sebastian - July 2005
wrestling with Sebastian - July 2005

Cinnabar - wrestling with Sebastian - July 2007
wrestling with Sebastian - March 2007

He's good about being brushed and while a wiggle worm about it, it's possible to get a nail or two clipped at a time. By 2 years old, he still loves being brushed, but nail clipping is done at Day Care. Thank goodness he and his brother are "grade 1" (takes one person) instead of the occasional "grade 3" (takes 3 people) that used to occur.

I think he's going to be a wide dog and not as tall as Sebastian. Or as my vet said, "Cinnabar will be a battleship, to Sebastian's destroyer". He's already wider than Sebastian. He still has growing to do, but doesn't look like he'll reach close to Sebastian's height, although he looks heavier than him, he's 35lbs lighter. At 3, he still looks wider than Sebastian. He's 3 inches shorter, 3 inches less long and 30 lbs lighter than his brother. Because of his build and his fur, it's not always obvious to people that there's a size difference.

Cinnabar - two by two - July 2005
always two by two - July 2005

Cinnabar - two by two - January 2007
always two by two - January 2007

Cinnabar adores Sebastian. It's almost always two-by-two, with Cinnabar trying to keep up. And, it's also monkey-see-monkey-do. Poor Sebastian has no privacy sometimes. Poor boy wants to pee in peace, but little brother needs to pee right next to him. If Sebastian digs, Cinnabar digs. If Sebastian runs, Cinnabar runs. And Cinnabar observes everything, which means I can't make any mistakes with either of them, because little eyes are watching.

He also loves to have a toy or bone and shake it at Sebastian so that he can be the "center of Sebastian's world" the way that Sebastian is the center of his :)

Cinnabar - Keeping Up with Sebastian - July 2005
keeping up with Sebastian

If he wants something his butt is on the floor with the sweet face looking up saying please, mom.

He's well thought of at Happy Tails Day Care (where he and his brother go once a week), with more than one hinting they'd like to take him home. But, I'm having none of it :) He does well in play groups and seems to have the staff wrapped around his paw !

Based on the heads he's turned, Cinnabar may end up to be more striking than Sebastian and I say WOW to that! At 2 years old, I'd say that he is more striking than his brother.

As he continues to grow and reach his adult size & weight, he's still subordinate to Sebastian. But both appear to be submissive personalities, as there is never any truly rough fighting. When they're tussling, even when it seems rough, no one ever tries to get away. They take turns being on top with wrestling. Whenever one leaves the "tussle", the other bounds right back into it, to keep the session going. Their play is so joyful.

Cinnabar loves to just lay his head on my lap, or lay on my feet. Sweetness just begins to describe him :)

Cinnabar - Happy Boy - June 2007
Mr. Sweetness & Light

As of this writing, we've completed Basic Obedience multiple Agility Classes and attended multiple Weight Pull events. Cinnabar has earned his WWPDX (Working Weight Pull Dog Excellent) title. More Agility and Weight Pull events are on tap.

Cinnabar 2nd place at AMCA Nationals Gettysburg Regional Weightpull

3 1/2 month old Cinnabar - down/stay
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