Sheryl's Alaskan Malamutes - Activities - Weight Pulling - IWPA - Powells Point, NC - September 27/28, 2014
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Weight Pulling

IWPA - Powells Point, NC - September 27/28, 2014
We left about 10am on Friday. This is a long 12 hour drive in total, you're in North Carolina forever. Plus it was my first time on this route. We stopped in the Rocky Mount, NC Motel 6 for the night, figuring just 3-4 hours travel for the next morning. In addition to Sebastian & Cinnabar, my new puppy, Vorian, was traveling with us. He was a champ with the travel.

We left about 5am on Saturday morning from Rocky Mount. It was a quiet drive with very little traffic. As we got closer to the bays and ocean we had fog to deal with, but it wasn't bad. Really in the boonies in some areas. We were getting much closer, but it seemed to me that MapQuest and the road signs weren't in agreement. Stopped for gas and to get directions. A fellow customer offered to show me me the way to the road I needed. Wow, was that appreciated! About 45 minutes later we pulled into the Currituck County Rural Center. It's built for horse shows and just perfect for pulling. The arena is totally dirt, and it's in a beautiful setting. This pull was in conjunction with a bulldog show.

Got the boys weighed in and everyone was anxious to see Vorian. He was pretty happy to see them, too.

It was warm, but not bad because we had a nice breeze through the building.

Both boys did well after the long travel. I didn't ask a lot of them because of that. However, they both got 2nd place with Cinnabar pulling 1451 lbs and Sebastian pulling 1766 pounds.

There was a nice barbeque offered at the show, so that was dinner for me. We were camping out on site. Well, my version of camping out, anyway. The boys were all crated outside the van, and I slept in the van.

Sunrise from our campsite

the boys camping out
The boys camping out

Debbie Lee also had her pup, Delbert and another pup she was fostering. OMG they had a blast playing together

pups playing
The pups playing

It was warmer on Sunday, and no real breeze. Cinnabar did much better, pulling 1871 lbs. He beat Puddin, who had pulled higher the day before (Brian told me he figured that Cinnabar would do better the second day), but Carol's Ruckus was there. Ruckus is just an awesome puller, pulling 2606.

Cinnabar pulling
Cinnabar pulling

The heat was getting to Sebastian, as it usually does with black dogs. Also, given his age of 10, I wasn't going to push him. Still, he pulled a very respectable 1661 lbs for second place to Kaylee again.

Sebastian pulling
Sebastian pulling

We stayed and I judged the 40, 50 and 80 lb classes. Also took photos of the other dogs and had other folks help with that as well.

We got out of there early afternoon. We stopped for the night at the Burlington, NC Motel 6. The next morning in the rain, I had to maneuver the van to a curb so that Sebastian would jump in, and then we were on the road. The trip was less than delightful with all the rain. I was very tired and stopped several times for some hot chocolate to keep me going. Once we finally got to Tennessee the weather improved and smooth sailing all the way home.

Great pull with great folks! Thank you Mid Atlantic Weight Pullers!

More photos of Sebastian, Cinnabar, Vorian and all the dogs

10 month old Sebastian - down/stay with hand signals only
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