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Weight Pulling

November 01/02, 2008 - UKC - Pride and Prejudice American Pit Bull Terrier Assoc. - Port Clinton, PA
We had a great 2 day UKC Weight Pull in Port Clinton

Saturday it started out chilly, but got to about 60 degrees by late morning. Because of the nor'easter earlier in the week, the ballfield track was poor and would've rutted so we pulled on carpet under the pavillion.

Sebastian weighed in at 148 and Cinnabar at 112. Sebastian almost had competition in his class, but the rottie needed one more pound to be in the unlimited (over 120). Cinnabar had good competition in his class (120 lb class).

Because Sebastian has had such attitude the last few pulls, I started him at a low weight and pulled him every increment and used a harsh voice with him. I wanted him to know he has to do it, and I mean it. He did much better, ending up pulling 1800 pounds (12.16 times his body weight, good for 5 points towards his next UKC title. He still had plenty of attitude and was lackadaisical about working, but did enjoy giving the crowd something to have fun with, including stopping pulling and looking around and letting everyone hold their breath to see if the cart had enough momentum to go over the finish line (it did).

Mr. Attitude:

Mr. Lackadaisical:

Of course, with Sebastian, there were distractions. Some of the people out of the pull, decided to walk their dogs beyond the start line. They got told about it and he did finish that pull (with maybe 2 seconds left, after I got his focus back). His next and final pull, the train was just across the river and tooting their horn, and I wasn't able to get his focus back.

Cinnabar, my worker, did well. He could've done better, but his silly handler started him at too low a weight and stopped skipping increments too soon, which tired him out too soon. He ended with 2700 lbs (24.10 times his body weight, good for 10 points towards his next title).

My worker:

Hi-Ho-Silver - he does this when he's getting tired:

After the pull on Saturday, there was a Halloween costume competition. Maya got first place in her princess outfit. Never saw her prance before because she's all business in the chute, but she pranced in her costume. Cinnabar got cutest with most patience for his cowboy outfit.

Sunday the sun was out thank goodness because it was about 10 degrees cooler and windy. Brrr.

I started Cinnabar at a much heavier weight than the day before, and skipped increments alot longer. Because I overdid him the day before, he still tired on me, but I've learned for the future. He ended with 2700 lbs again, and another 10 points towards his next title. He's such a good boy.

Tired, but pulling for mom:

I also started Sebastian at a higher weight and did skip increments with him. I didn't start out with harsh voice, but made sure he and Cinnabar pulled on different increments and he had plenty of mom time before each pull. He got some great backscratches and attention. I spent time with him in the chute, giving him a head massage while talking to him to have his focus. No wandering dogs, no trains on Sunday. I pulled out the harsh voice on his last two pulls only to keep him moving once he started the cart. He was still somewhat lackadaisal, but did indeed work for me. Drum roll please, he pulled 3000 lbs!!!!!!!!!! 20.27 times his body weight, good for 10 points towards his next title. He has plenty left at that weight and wasn't straining, but we ended on that good note. His last couple pulls he was losing focus and I was being as creative as possible to get it back (to the delight of the crowd). That's my challenge, being creative to keep his focus, the boy is too smart for his own good.

From earlier rounds - but he really can put his head down and get into it:

Sebastian of course had two first place finishes because he had no competition. Cinnabar had a 3rd place and a 2nd place finish. We had 31 dogs on Saturday and 26 dogs on Sunday. A great turnout, with good dog people and great dogs.

It was satisfying to see people coming back from novice at my Barto pull, and a first timer from the last Maryland pull. One of the first timers in Maryland was a dalmation who got a qualify in Maryland, and two qualifies this weekend for his UWP. Because he's conformation titled, as well as agility and obedience and something else, he's now a UKC Super Dog :) He loves pulling and his mom is going to continue him. The novices from Barto really improved and are hooked on the sport. Woo-hoo!

Oh, both days Harley got most weight pulled at 4050. Demona got best body percentage both days (she pulled 3900 and 4050 respectively)

A huge thank you to Liz for helming my camera & getting shots of my boys!!!

Photos of all the dogs & more of Sebastian & Cinnabar

Photos below taken by Linda Davis

From Saturday

the train tooting their whistle that spooked Sebastian:
canine weight pull

Me trying to get his focus back, while he's watching the train:
canine weight pull

Great shot of Cinnabar in early rounds:
canine weight pull

Cinnabar later rounds:
canine weight pull

Cinnabar letting me know he's tired:
canine weight pull

Cinnabar final pull:
canine weight pull

Photos below taken by Linda Davis

From Sunday:

Sebastian's chute pep talk:
canine weight pull

Sebastian - focused & working:
canine weight pull

Cinnabar later roundsl:
canine weight pull

Sebastian - focused & thinking about working:
canine weight pull

Sebastian - focused & working:
canine weight pull

Sebastian - focused & working:
canine weight pull

Sebastian - focused & working:
canine weight pull

Sebastian - focused & working:
canine weight pull

Sebastian - focused & working, really getting into it:
canine weight pull

Sebastian - focused & working, digging in:
canine weight pull

10 month old Sebastian - down/stay with hand signals only
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