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September 29/30, 2007 - ABDA - Fall Brawl - APA Weightpull

September 29
This was an APA pull at an American Bulldog show. Lots of bulldogs, pit bulls and 3 malamutes. There were novices as well as extremely experienced dogs. The atmosphere was friendly and fun. The pull was well organized and moved along in a timely fashion, the competitors serious but not cutthroat.

We had a good day overall. Cinnabar was a cinch to weigh in, Sebastian wailed like a baby and shut up as soon as he was hanging from the scale. But, he wasn't as "sassy" as he has been in the past, according to Dave H. and that's progress!

They pulled in 2 classes, 60 and under pulled first - then the big guys. I volunteered to be cart help for the 60 and under. as I remember hearing in Harrisburg you can learn alot that way. I hooked up dogs to the cart. I was able to get a birds eye view of how people handled their dogs. I was certainly able to see what I liked in the experienced handlers and their teamwork with their dog.

We started with the cart empty and pulled every weight increment. Not many started empty, as they were mostly experienced dogs and handlers, but we need the experience.

Cinnabar pulled a Sebastian and tried to pull the cart backward on his 3rd or 4th pull. Leashed him up and he pulled it without a problem, but that was all for him.

Sebastian did well and enjoyed himself. He didn't show anyone his belly this time! Progress every time we pull, and I'm pleased about that.

They each had one other in their weight class. In Sebastian's class another mal who was a first timer electing to pull pro. Both my guys got blue ribbons for their weight classes. We've got a long way to go to pull like those doing it awhile, but I'm pleased.

Cinnabar weightpulling
Cinnabar pulling

Sebastian weightpulling
Sebastian pulling

Sebastian pulled 875 plus the cart 275 - total 1150
Cinnabar pulled 475 plus the cart 275 - total 750

September 30
Weirdest handler meeting ever! - "I just want to congratulate everyone on first place, except Cinnabar will probably get 2nd place."

Only 7 or 8 dogs showed to pull, and were all in different weight classes except the 110 class which had Cinnabar and Rowdy.

It all came to pass, just as discussed in the handlers meeting :)

Cinnabar pulled 300 more than the day before, good progress. My usually focused boy, had some trouble focusing, but we're getting there. He was of course his usual sweetness.

Just like the day before, Sebastian had extra exercise because every 10 minutes motorcycles went by. He loves motorcycles, so he had to get up and look and woo after them. Fortunately none went by while he was pulling :) He's a card.

It was great weather, good people & dogs, nice crowd for cheering, and great practice. The crowd saw my guys first because we pulled empty and every increment. The bulldogs pulling were great, and the crowd was good to them, but they loved the "sled dogs". Lots of pictures taken of my guys in their crates and had them out for the kids to pet on occasion. Helped on the cart again.

Sebastian pulled 875 plus the cart 275 - total 1150
Cinnabar pulled 775 plus the cart 275 - total 1050

10 month old Sebastian - down/stay with hand signals only
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