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May 19, 2007 - North American Bulldogger Club - Beast of the East - APA Weightpull

The APA is definitely different from IWPA & AMCA. There is no set increment in weight, the chief judge decides it. The blocks were 55 lbs and we started out adding 2 blocks per pull, but then after a certain time they added 4 blocks at a time, then toward the end of the competition they made it 3 blocks per time. They also don't add in the weight of the cart to the amount pulled. The cart was 250 lbs, so that should be added to final weight pulled. The other thing that is different is that you don't have to be behind the line to call your dog. You can be right in front, next to, whatever - as long as you don't touch the dog. You also come in for your first pull at whatever weight you want, but after you begin pulling you can only skip 2 rounds.

Just the small amount of drag training we've done has gotten Cinnabar over his confusion at "something's behind me, Mom". That is gone. He did well, and I'm really glad that Maria got a shot of his "Hi, ho, Silver" routine that he does at the start of a pull, because it is so cute. He came in 3rd in the 110 class, pulling 605 plus the cart for a total of 855. He has such a great attitude, and wants to please. This was his first time pulling pro, so I'm really proud of him.

Sebastian has been in a snit since his annual exam on Wednesday, so he's been a sh*t training, and as Maria's picture shows he continued that. He didn't really exert himself much in the early rounds, but as soon as it got to be a little exertion, he pancaked. Got him up, then back down he went. Then he got up and tried to pull the cart backwards, then he came over and rolled onto his back. He was the only one in unlimited, so he came in first place. He pulled 495 plus the cart for a total of 745.

Dave H gave me some good advice in working with both of them. Get even lower with Cinnabar, and when Sebastian goes down like that, just leash him up and make him get up. He said that he sees potential in both of them, and that made me feel good. He and Missy have both Mals and bully breeds and he said, with mals you can't let them get away with laying down on you, even during the pull, correct it instantly even though you're knocked out of the competition.

At the same time, I still have to laugh at the antics (not while Sebastian's around, of course). I've never had a dull day since I got him 3 years ago. There's always a challenge.

Cinnabar's "Hi-Ho-Silver" routine:
Cinnabar pulling
above photo by Maria

Cinnabar pulling:
Cinnabar pulling
above photo by Maria

Cinnabar pulling:
Cinnabar pulling
above photo by Maria - effects by Sheryl

Sebastian pulling empty cart:
Sebastian pulling
above photo by Maria

Sebastian pulling:
Sebastian pulling
above photo by Maria - effects by Sheryl

Sebastian belly up:
Sebastian pulling
above photo by Maria

Sebastian - bratface:
Sebastian pulling
above photo by Maria

10 month old Sebastian - down/stay with hand signals only
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