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Welcome to my personal lovefest with Alaskan Malamutes

Sebastian and Cinnabar - July 2007

I was afraid of dogs as a child. A neighbor's "ankle-biter" bit me on the left thigh and right ankle.

It was another "ankle-biter", who rid me of my canine fears - a Chihuahua-Toy Fox Terrier mix, Blueberry Muffin, aka Muffy, the only family dog we ever had.

As an adult, my first dog was a German Shepherd/Boxer mix, Jason.

Just before Jason left us, a 2 year old Alaskan Malamute rescue, Wolf, padded into my life. She was beautiful, sweet, strong and quite independent minded.   My lovefest with the breed began.

This site is the outgrowth of My "Little People" site. It's more in depth on my current Mals, past Mals and the breed itself, with a plethora of photos. I'll have our training & living experiences, my research on the breed, & of course my opinions. My favorite person quips, "you just happen to have an opinion, hmm, what a shocker". You may or may not agree with my opinions, and that's okay with me. My page, so my opinions are the ones in print here :)
                        Sebastian not chewing what he wanted to chew - 2 1/2 month old Alaskan Malamute - Cinnabar with ball - 2 1/2 month old Alaskan Malamute

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